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Manta-Tak Tape


Manta-Tak Tape provides excellent thermal properties, vibration isolation, electrical insulation, and a soft, tactile response perfect for nearly any situation.

Manta-Tak Tape is a low-density self-fusing sponge silicone wrap that bonds only to itself and not the substrate for which it is applied. Wind the wrap onto itself to create a tight, secure fit without any sticky residue.

Roll is 1″ wide, 0.060″ thick, 8′ long

Manta-Tak Tape is a self-fusing, or self-amalgamating, sponge-like silicone wrap that will bond to itself without the need of secondary adhesives. It will not directly bond to a substrate without winding the wrap onto itself. Remove liner as you wrap; maintain a constant stretch of no more than 200% and no less than 50% of the original unstretched wrap length. As you continue to wrap, ensure each new layer covers a minimum of 25% of the previous layer for optimum fusion. Once wrapped it will immediately begin to fuse–full fusion achieved within 24 hours. For removal, simply cut Manta-Tak Tape off the wrapped substrate and reapply a new layer. No need to clean the substrate before applying, simply remove excess debris and moisture.

Manta-Tak Tape can be implemented practically everywhere that requires a fast, simple but effective tape or wrap to protect, insulate, isolate, or provide grip in a wide range of environments. 

It can be used in place of conventional dense self-fusing silicone tape or wraps, wire and cable tapes, thermal / IR shielding, noise dampening material, grips, and handles.

Application Guide

MADE IN THE USA • New Philadelphia, OH

U.S. Patent No. 10,898,606


Additional information


High-Temperature (600F), General Purpose (500F)


Black, Flat Dark Earth, Olive Drab


Contour, Ribbed

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