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Product Features

The features you want. The performance you need.

Not All Weapon Accessories are Created Equal

As some of the most versatile weapon accessories available, Manta products will interface with any rail system or grip without permanently altering any weapon. Our “Plug and Play” system solves many common issues that have plagued weapon systems for years. Manta products are combat-proven and standard issue to the United States Marine Corps and Militaries around the world.

Manta Defense Weapon Accessories
Manta Defense Weapon Accessories
Manta Defense Weapon Accessories
Operator response proves that Manta is an invaluable asset that has revolutionized many weapon platforms. Manta Weapon Accessories increase operational effectiveness by protecting operators from extreme heat, capturing pressure pads and providing a secure tactile grip that covers sharp rail edges. The inherent “rubber-like” properties of Manta products create a synergy between an operator’s grip and the weapon. This symbiotic bond enables an operator to focus strictly on the task at hand. All components install directly over any exposed rail or grip surface without the need to dismount rails or accessories. Products can be cut to length for custom fit and install in seconds.
Manta Defense Weapon Accessories Features


  • Reduces extreme heat
  • Protects from chemicals and abrasion
  • Reduces noise and mirage
  • Reduces IR signature
  • Reduces felt recoil
  • Resistant to heat absorption from direct sunlight
  • Resistant to adverse environmental conditions including salt water
  • Remains tactile in extreme cold or wet conditions
  • Ice and snow will not adhere to surfaces
  • Creates synergistic comfort grip for increased control
  • Reduces movement or slippage of weapon on hard surfaces
  • Adjustable grip tension to compensate for varying rail tolerances
  • Covers exposed sharp edges to protect from injury or burns
  • Not affected by Thermo Shock
  • Displays outstanding physical toughness
Manta Defense Weapon Accessories Performance

Quality & Durability

  • Non-corrosive
  • Protects rails from external hazards and damage, retaining MOA
  • Resists degradation from sun, ozone, and weather
  • Does not melt
  • Will not freeze
  • Retains positive purchase feeling when introduced to dirt or mud
  • Outstanding resistance to damage caused by abrasion, flexing, twisting–will not tear or break

Red Hot Shooting Mat


  • Provides quick installation onto any existing rail system
  • Installation can be done by any operator or armorer
  • Allows the internal routing and installation of wires, switches, and accessories within the Grip Sleeves
  • Provides Grip Sleeves that install over Grip Pods or Pistol Grips
  • Grips can be cut for custom installation
  • Grips can be adjusted and installed where rails are not present
  • All components interface together to create a custom installation
  • Sleeves can be cut to fit to install over scopes and optics
  • Watch our installation videos
Manta Defense Weapon Accessories Installation


  • Changes color of the weapon in seconds without any permanent alterations
  • Available in multiple colors to break up weapon silhouette
  • Can accommodate items such as material, twine, or foliage to help camouflage weapons
Manta Defense Weapon Accessories Colors
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