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About Us

Who we are

The Evolution of Manta

Armed with an innovative concept for solving a problem that plagued weapon systems, our company was conceived as MantaRails in the fall of 2009. The challenge was what to do with accessory pressure pads. The answer – and our first MantaRail product – was the Manta Micro Pocket Switch Holder. Introduced to the firearms industry in early 2010, the Manta Micro Pocket Switch Holder allows a firearm operator to simply slide a pressure pad into the Micro Pocket and snap the Switch Holder on the rail . . . all in a matter of seconds.

Manta Defense Military Standard IssueSoon we released additional MantaRail products designed to interface with weapon rail systems, and the MantaRails brand took hold. With a growing product line, MantaRails soon gained military recognition, and we were honored to begin supplying products to the United States Marine Corps. Today we are proud to be standard issue on two independent Marine Corps programs, including the U.S.M.C M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle.

We realized MantaRails had become more than just a gun rail accessory manufacturer and supplier as we developed new products designed to interface with various parts of a weapon. Knowing we would continue to develop products for the weapons industry, we changed our company name to simply Manta Defense. The change allows us to maintain our MantaRail roots while continuing to diversify and expand our product line.


More About Manta Weapon Accessories

The revolutionary Manta Micro Pocket design allows the internal routing and installation of accessory wires and switches, thus protecting them from fluctuating temperatures and external hazards. Our unique Manta accessories are formulated from proprietary materials that resist chemicals, abrasion, and extremely hot or cold temperatures. Manta rail guard and accessory management systems feature internal stainless steel engagement technology, which creates superior adhesion to all rail systems. This engagement technology allows operators to make simple grip adjustments to compensate for varying rail tolerances or to increase grip tension.

Manta Defense Thermal Mitigation Weapon AccessoriesManta products not only increase the operational effectiveness of a weapon but also help protect operators from unsafe conditions. We are constantly evolving and creating new products as requirements are identified. Manta Weapon Accessories have come to be known for their incredible tactile look and feel, but the most significant feature of Manta products is their heat-mitigating properties. It is because of our proprietary material that Manta has once again solved another issue inherent to most weapon platforms… HEAT.

The technology behind the Manta material allowed us to create a sleeve for the Browning M2 50-caliber machine gun barrel, as well as our revolutionary Suppressor Covers. Both of these products were developed in response to a call from the operators to protect them from the extreme heat generated from cyclical and sustained fire. The proprietary Manta material stands up to the most rigorous operational conditions, protecting operators and gear from temperatures in excess of 1000 degrees.

Our commitment is to supply the highest quality, innovative products at affordable prices to operators at every level. We have and will continue to offer innovative solutions to increase operator safety and weapon capability. We are proud to say that because of our commitment to produce the highest quality products, Manta has been selected as standard issue to the United States Marine Corps as well as Militaries around the globe.

Manta Defense Made in the USAAll Manta products are manufactured in-house at the New Philadelphia, Ohio facility. We take great pride in ensuring all materials used in the production of Manta Weapon Accessories are of the highest quality. All products used in the manufacturing and packaging of Manta products, including the raw materials and finished goods, are manufactured in the USA. Of that we are exceptionally proud. Visit our store.

Real People. Making a Difference.

We are real people with real families on a mission to make a difference in weapon accessory safety and performance. We are passionate, knowledgeable, and hands on, which is why we believe Manta products are not only the highest quality weapon accessories but also provide the best user experience. Manta products are designed and tested by our own team, and we never sell anything we would not use. We invite you to try the Manta Difference.

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