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Manta Videos

Our products in action

Manta Thermal Demo

M2 Barrel Sleeve 400 Sustained Fire Test
M2 Barrel Sleeve 200 Sustained Fire Test
Manta Rails Live Fire Shooting Demo
Manta Suppressor Sleeve Torch Test
Manta Suppressor Sleeve Blow Torch Test
Manta M2 Barrel Sleeve
Manta Rail Guard Installation Instructions
Manta Vertical Grip Sleeves
MantaRails Micro Pocket and Cross Clip Installation
MantaRails 14 Mag Cerino/Valor
Manta Rails IR Heat Test 7 Mag Automatic Mantarails
Manta Rails
Manta M2 Sleeve Test
Manta Defense Heat Mitigating Weapon Accessories
Manta Defense Micro Pocket Installation
Manta Defense Rail Guard
Manta Defense Rail Guard Torch Test