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Manta Hot Spot Shooting Mat


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The Manta Hot Spot Shooting Mat incorporates our patented thermal mitigation technology into a compact 14 inch x 20 inch mat. Our proprietary material will allow the mat to withstand the most extreme heat and harshest chemicals.  The compact design allows you to take it with you to the range, protecting the surfaces that your hot gear normally comes in contact with. Place hot weapons or glowing hot suppressors onto the surface without any damage to your gear or the mat!  The ribbed design also makes an idea work surface, preventing small parts from rolling off and providing a tactile surface to eliminate any movement. Chemicals will not harm the surface and it can easily be washed off or even thrown into a dish washer for easy cleaning.

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Weight 32.06 oz


Free shipping in the U.S. for orders $100 or more!
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